Darebin Stadiums


There really is something for everyone at Narrandjeri Stadiums and Darebin Community Sports Stadium! Both stadiums are open community hubs where people can meet, connect, and have fun, regardless of their background.

To discover what’s on this winter, check out the the different sports and clubs listed below,  or search the variety of programs  

Click on the below links to contact the different sporting associations or to make an inquiry to join a local team.







Kids Programs

Kids love to move and being active. Sports in its many forms help kids to learn and refine their motor skills in a fun and social environment. Set them up for a lifetime of health by introducing them to sport from a young age. A variety of development programs are offered through our partners Gymbaroo, Kelly Sports and Ready Steady Go Kids, along with other fun activities like Wheel Gymnastics and Roller Skating! After school programs and school holiday programs are also available!

Can’t see your preferred sport or activity? We’re always working on offering more sports and activities for you to enjoy!

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